How to Detect Pet Anxiety

How to Detect Pet Anxiety

Just like humans, pets can suffer from anxiety and related issues. If you want your pet to enjoy a high quality of life, it’s smart to watch out for their mental health and safeguard it when possible. Fortunately, if your pet is struggling with anxiety, you can work with a veterinarian. Need a vet experienced in pet mental health issues serving White Marsh, MD? Contact White Marsh Animal Hospital. Veterinary care can help with mental health challenges in pets.

Common Signs of Pet Anxiety

First, keep in mind that different pets will exhibit different symptoms. It’s smart to talk with a veterinarian regarding signs specific to your pet's species or breed. That said, there are some common signs to watch for.

Many pets suffering from anxiety will suddenly undergo a change in eating behavior. This often includes unexplained weight loss, though in some cases, weight gain can occur as well. Dogs, cats, and other animals may also become more aggressive or irritable if they are suffering from stress or other mental health issues. Some animals may become clingier, while others might start to hide more often or seek out quieter parts of the home.

Changes in bathroom habits are also common. For example, cats may start going to the bathroom outside of their litter box, and dogs may no longer wait until they are let outside to relieve themselves. It’s possible that other problems, like stomach issues, are the cause of these behaviors, but it’s important to consider anxiety.

Watching for Common Causes of Pet Anxiety

Another thing to consider is the potential causes of pet anxiety. If you’ve recently introduced a new member to the household, such as a kitten or puppy, this could stress other pets out. Likewise, moving into a new home might be challenging for some animals to adjust. It’s smart to talk with a veterinarian after such major lifestyle changes. They can help you identify anxiety and assist you in mitigating risks. For instance, introducing your pet to a new home room-by-room could reduce stress.

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