Pet Dentistry

White Marsh Animal Hospital Cares About Pet Dentistry

Do you ever wonder how your dog manages to get their teeth so dirty or stained with food particles? Our White Marsh veterinarian has seen hundreds of pets who visit with the intention of cleaning their teeth and upgrading their dental regimen. Pet dentistry is an essential treatment for the lifelong care of your pet's health.

Pet dental care is necessary to maintain the wellness of your pet's mouth, alongside a dental exam to detect any suspicious health problems. The gums and teeth of your animal are very revealing, and it is up to a qualified veterinarian to check your pet's mouth at least once per year. 

White Marsh Animal Hospital Cares About Pet Dentistry

What's Included in Pet Dental Care?

Pet dentistry includes the cleaning or extraction of your pet's teeth. Both dogs and cats benefit from a thorough oral exam which can only be performed by a professional veterinarian dentist. At White Marsh Animal Hospital, we are dedicated to providing excellent pet dentistry for your animal, beginning with a comprehensive exam of your pet's mouth.

Our veterinarian also observes the gum line, the tooth roots, and the health of your animal's jawbone. Since most oral diseases are difficult to observe under the gum line, we typically sedate your animal with safe anesthesia that allows us to thoroughly evaluate and clean your pet's mouth. Dental cleaning for your animal includes scaling (to remove dental plaque and tartar), and tooth polishing which mimics the procedure performed on your own teeth. 

Likely Signs of Dental Problems in Pets

It is rare for an animal to develop a cavity; however, your pet can have the same dental problems as people, including:

    • •Broken or loose tooth
    • •Bad breath
    • •Pain in, or around the mouth
    • •Discolored teeth or covered in tartar
    • •Bleeding from the mouth
    • •Reduced appetite or lack of desire to eat
    • •Swelling around the mouth

If you detect any changes in your pet's behavior or visible signs of any of the above symptoms, please bring your animal into our clinic for a healthy dental exam.

Causes of Dentistry Issues in Your Animal

Have your pet's teeth checked during their annual exam to ensure any of pet dental problems aren't exacerbated, including:

    • •Periodontal disease
    • •A broken or loose  tooth root
    • •Broken jaw
    • •Abscess or infected tooth
    • •Cyst or tumors in the mouth
    • •Misalignment in the bite of your animal

Your Pet's Oral Health

If you're planning a home oral health regimen, our veterinarian in White Marsh will guide you on how to maintain healthy teeth and gums for your animal. Contact us for all of your pet dentistry needs, as our caring team is ready to pamper your pet! You can call us at (410) 335-8400.


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