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  • Heartworm in Dogs
    Heartworm Disease in Dogs  Heartworm disease is a common problem for dogs that can be fatal if not treated. It is possible to prevent heartworm in dogs, which is preferable to Read more
  • Grooming
    Pet Grooming at White Marsh Animal Hospital White Marsh Animal Hospital provides pets with more than check-ups and vaccinations. Grooming is another option we offer for cats and dogs as well. Read more
  • Holiday Grooming
    The holidays are quickly approaching. Call us now to book your pet's holiday spa treatment! Read more
  • Closed 9-21-19
    The hospital will be closed on Saturday, 9/21/19. If you have an emergency please contact the closest emergency vet to you. We are sorry for any inconvenience.  Read more
  • Closing early
    The hospital will be closing at 6 pm today. We will reopen at 8 am tomorrow. Read more
  • White Marsh Animal Hospital is now offering Bravecto for dogs and cats!
    Based on the survey we have on our main page, the idea of a 3 month flea and tick product was very appealing. This is one of the reasons we Read more
  • White Marsh Animal Hospital Performs Pet Cystotomy
    Pet Cystotomy Symptoms such as frequent urination, inability to urinate, or straining to urinate can indicate a problem in your pet’s urinary system. A cystotomy may be necessary to provide relief Read more

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