Pet Allergies

Like humans, pets can suffer from allergies. Pet allergies are common and can be very disruptive to your pet's life, as well as your own. At White Marsh Animal Hospital in White Marsh, our veterinarians are here to help with seasonal pet allergies and other health issues. Here are some things to know about pet allergies and how we can help.

Pet Allergies

What Are the Signs of Pet Allergies?

There are some common signs that your pet might be suffering from seasonal allergies or has an allergy to something in his environment. Itchy skin is a common reaction. If your pet is scratching incessantly, he might be having an allergic reaction. Look for respiratory issues as well, such as coughing, wheezing, or sneezing. If your pet is having difficulty breathing, bring him to one of our veterinarians right away.

Types of Pet Allergies

There are multiple reasons a pet might have an allergic reaction. Seasonal pet allergies are very common, with things like pollen or ragweed irritating your pet's body. He might also have an allergic reaction to the food he is eating. In this case, you will need to talk to a vet about changing his food to keep him safe. If your pet gets bitten by a pest, he could have an allergic reaction to something in the pest's bite. Finally, there could be allergens in your pet's environment. Dust, dander, and other materials can trigger an allergic reaction in both humans and animals.

Treatment for Pet Allergies

You should speak to one of our veterinarians about treatment options. Flea prevention and control are essential ways of protecting against pest allergies, so make sure that you're staying on top of that. If your pet has severe allergies, he may need specialized care. Our veterinarians will work with you to determine what is wrong and what you should do next.

You should also make sure that your pet's environment is clean and allergen-free. This can reduce your pet's discomfort without having to take more intense measures. While allergies might not be life-threatening, they can be extremely frustrating. Plus, some allergies can get severe enough that they do eventually become life-threatening.

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At White Marsh Animal Hospital, we are here to keep your pet safe and comfortable. If your pet is suffering from allergies, we can help. Call our team today at (410) 335-8400 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.


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