Pet Nutritional Counseling

White Marsh Animal Hospital Offers Pet Nutritional Counseling

Good nutrition is essential to good health, both for people and for pets. However, nutritional needs can change over the years, and finding the right foods to help your pet live a long and happy life can be confusing. At White Marsh Animal Hospital in White Marsh, MD, we help pets maintain better health through careful nutritional evaluation.


Maintaining Weight and Good Condition

Obesity is a growing problem among pets, just as it is for people. And, like people, excess weight can contribute to health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and other issues. During your periodic visits, you vet will check your pet's weight and general condition to determine if excess weight is becoming a problem. Your veterinarian can advise you on when, how much and what types of food you should feed your pet to reduce weight and improve health. If the vet suspects a vitamin or mineral deficiency, they can advise you on supplements to help supply the missing component.

Nutritional Needs Change at Different Stages of Life

Pets have changing nutritional needs as they go through life. Puppies and kittens need high quality foods, rich in protein, carbohydrates and vitamins to help them develop normally. Adult dogs and cats may need lower calorie foods to help them maintain a healthy weight. Pets in their senior years may have trouble with digestion or reduced appetite, which makes feeding the right foods even more important. Veterinarians have a wealth of training and experience to help advise you on what to feed your pet at every stage.

The Right Diet Can Help Animals With Health Problems

The right nutritional formulas can also help pets with ongoing health conditions, such as diabetes, kidney disorder and liver disorders. Your vet can advise you on the type of diet that your pet should be on and can provide a prescription diet product for convenient feeding if you need them.

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