Preventative Care

White Marsh Animal Hospital, Providing Preventative Care to Pets

If you love your pet and want to get the best veterinary care for him, White Marsh Animal Hospital in White Marsh is the place to go. Preventative Care is an essential aspect of animal health care. Our list of services is designed to help animals live long and healthy lives.


Wellness Exams

We want your pet to experience the best of health and feel comfortable under our care. For this reason, we provide wellness exams. This service includes an examination of your pet's coat, eyes, and ears. The heart and lungs are also checked out, and blood work may be included. You can help our veterinarian assess your animal's health condition by explaining what your pet's level of activity is and what his eating and bathroom habits are. Information on your pet's lifestyle is also helpful.

After a wellness check, our veterinarian will know what type of treatment your pet needs, if any. We'll also check your pet for fleas, obesity, dental problems, and other health issues.


One essential aspect of preventative veterinary care is vaccinations. Without vaccines, pets are susceptible to many deadly diseases. While some vaccines are mandated by law, such as the vaccine for rabies, others can be just as important. These other important vaccines are known as "core" vaccines. They protect against the most communicable and deadly diseases that affect pets. In addition to core vaccines, there are noncore vaccines. These vaccines are typically only recommended to pets that have a high probability of encountering certain diseases based on their lifestyles and the regions where they live.

Spaying and Neutering

Spaying and neutering your pets isn't just about the prevention of unwanted litters. Both of these procedures reduce an animal's risk of certain reproductive infections and cancers. When considering whether or not to have your pet spayed or neutered, it's important to realize that not only are these procedures good for your community, they're ultimately good for your pets as well.

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