Heartworm in Dogs

Heartworm Disease in Dogs 

Heartworm disease is a common problem for dogs that can be fatal if not treated. It is possible to prevent heartworm in dogs, which is preferable to expensive treatments needed if they do get infected. At White Marsh Animal Hospital in White Marsh, MD., our veterinarian can help you keep your dog safe from heartworms, and give treatment if they do get the condition.

What is heartworm disease?

Heartworms can be up to a foot long and live in your dog's heart and lungs. Dogs can get heartworms from an infected mosquito bite. Dogs are a natural host for heartworms, and the heartworm can multiply inside the dog. There have been cases where a dog had 100 or more heartworms.

Signs of Heartworm in Dogs

Dogs who have heartworms tend to have a persistent cough. They tire easily and there is an overall loss of energy. They may also have a bloated belly when there are a lot of the worms. When heartworms get bad they can block the flow of blood inside your dog and kill the animal.

Heartworm Prevention & Treatment

There is a heartworm pill you can purchase from our veterinarian that will prevent heartworm in your dog. The pill is given monthly and will keep your dog safe from heartworm disease. As part of the yearly checkup, dogs are often given a test to see if they have heartworms. The preventative pill will not get rid of the worms if they are already there. The treatment takes some time and involves giving your pet a shot and the dog will have restricted movement for a time. The severity of the heartworm may not show up in the test, so it is hard to tell until treatment begins. There can be side effects and the treatment can kill your dog as well.

Visit Marsh Animal Hospital for Your Pet’s Veterinary Needs

Visit White Marsh Animal Hospital in White Marsh, MD. Our veterinary professionals can provide preventative medication. We can also test to see if your dog has heartworms and if so we can plan treatment. For the best veterinary care in the area, call (310) 335-8400 to schedule your appointment today!


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