Pet Behavioral Counseling FAQs

Pet Behavioral Counseling FAQs

Dealing with problematic behavior in pets can be challenging. At White Marsh Animal Hospital, we offer pet behavioral counseling to pet owners who are struggling with their animal companions. Will pet behavioral counseling prove to be the solution you need? We discuss that matter and other frequently asked questions below.

What Is Pet Behavioral Counseling?

Pet behavioral counseling focuses on understanding distinct behavior patterns in pets and addressing the undesirable habits our animal companions occasionally exhibit. For example, you may be struggling with your pet's tendency to destroy things inside your home whenever you leave. Pet behavioral counseling aims to understand the reason behind your pet's destructive tendencies and provide a potential solution for the problem.

What Are the Other Problematic Forms of Pet Behavior That Counseling Addresses?

Counseling is useful for more than just addressing a pet's destructive habits. It can also help resolve issues related to aggression, phobias, and stress. If your pet has developed a habit of urinating or defecating inside your home, counseling can be beneficial. Pet behavioral counseling can address numerous issues. It's best to discuss your concerns with an expert to see if they can help.

Can a Veterinarian Provide Pet Behavioral Counseling?

A veterinarian certified by the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists can offer pet counseling. Other veterinary professionals qualified to provide counseling include professional trainers and applied animal behaviorists. Certified trainers and applied animal behaviorists can more effectively help eliminate troublesome habits exhibited by pets.

When Should I Seek Professional Behavior Counseling for My Pet?

When it comes to behavioral issues, it's best to take action as soon as possible. Schedule a consultation with the appropriate veterinary professional the moment you notice a significant change in your pet's behavior. If the change in your pet's behavior is related to a medical issue, taking quick action could prevent a more serious problem. Even if the issue is not caused by a health problem, addressing it immediately still increases the chances of it being resolved.

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