Pet Grooming at White Marsh Animal Hospital

White Marsh Animal Hospital provides pets with more than check-ups and vaccinations. Grooming is another option we offer for cats and dogs as well. Our professional groomers bring several years of experience to her pet care services in the White Marsh area. We provide tiers of service from basic to full-service options, as well as specialized cuts. These levels of service meet the needs of a variety of pets. Long hair, wiry coat, sensitive skin, anxious puppy, we offer gentle and thorough treatment.

The Health Benefits of Grooming

Many pet owners don't immediately think of their veterinarian when they need their pet groomed. It can be an essential service for many breeds of dogs and cats. Providing the benefits of clean fur and skin condition helps animals stay healthy. Their skin is clean, their mats are removed, their nails are filed down, and their ears are checked. Pet owners can bring attention to particularly matted fur or ask why their dog licks its paws. Groomers know a great deal about animal behavior. After all, they need to gain animals' cooperation for safe bathing and trimming. If the pet owner has serious concerns, scheduling a veterinary appointment will be an easy matter right here at the clinic.

White Marsh Pets Are Happy Pets

A healthy pet is a happy pet. When their skin and fur are cleaned, they get more hands-on attention from their families, and everybody enjoys that. Pet owners take great pride in the appearance of their well-groomed pets. They also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their pet is healthy. Specialty cuts can be fun, too!

Schedule an Appointment Today

You don't need to see a veterinarian when you come to White Marsh Animal Hospital. You can bring your dog or cat in for specialty bathing, trimming, and all-over spa. We're proud to provide all the services we have available for animals. We love meeting new pets and visiting with old favorites, too.


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