Importance of Dental X-rays

Like people, our pets can have all kinds of dental issues, ranging from abscessed teeth to periodontal disease. And like people, our pets will need dental x-rays from time to time to uncover hidden dental issues that can compromise tooth health or lead to permanent tooth loss. At White Marsh Animal Hospital in White Marsh, MD, we consider pet dental x-rays a valuable tool for protecting and preserving your pet's oral health.

Importance of Pet Dental X-rays

Your pet can't tell you when he's experiencing painful dental issues. You may, however, notice some signs of dental problems like discolored teeth, bad breath, inflamed gums, bleeding gums, or loss of appetite. Without x-rays, there's no way of telling the seriousness of these problems. Through the use of pet dental x-rays, our veterinarian will get a clear picture of your pet's oral health so we can recommend the best course of action to restore your pet's oral health.

X-rays will reveal what's happening beneath the gum line of your pet's teeth, such as bone loss due to periodontal disease or an infected tooth root. Pet dental x-rays enable our veterinarian to identify the causes of your pet's dental pain and discomfort so these problems can be adequately treated. Pet dental x-rays are generally taken before cleaning your pet's teeth so your veterinarian has a clear understanding of your pet's oral health before proceeding. This ensures your pet gets all the dental services he needs to maintain good oral health.  

X-Rays and Anesthesia

Our pet dental checkups, x-rays, and cleanings are done under anesthesia so we can do a thorough job of caring for your pet's teeth and gums. Under anesthesia, your pet won't thrash around and disrupt dental services or try to bite a member of our team. The anesthesia also ensures your pet feels no discomfort or pain during his dental cleaning. We'll monitor your pet carefully the entire time he's under anesthesia to ensure he's safe and comfortable throughout treatment.   

If we uncover signs of dental issues such as a tooth infection, broken teeth, bleeding gums, or periodontal disease during a checkup, we will discuss treatment options to restore your pet's oral health. The sooner these issues are taken care of, the sooner your pet can enjoy full use of his teeth without experiencing painful symptoms.

See Our White Marsh, MD, Veterinarian for Pet Dental Care

Your pet needs healthy teeth for eating, protection, and play. At White Marsh Animal Hospital, we recommend annual dental checkups and cleanings to keep your pet's teeth in optimal health. To schedule dental services for your pet, contact our White Marsh, MD, veterinarian today at 410-335-8400.



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