Lyme Disease

This disease is a tick-borne illness affecting dogs, cats, and other animals. It is transmitted to humans by the bite of a deer tick. They may be found in fields, parks, or grassy areas near homes. The tick may be attached to an animal or person for several days before feeding on blood.  

We at White Marsh Animal Hospital serving White Marsh, MD, know a lot about tick related diseases that affect pets.

Lyme Disease

How Does It Work?

The infection can spread through the bloodstream and cause joint pain, fever, and fatigue. A diagnosis can be confirmed by testing blood samples for antibodies and identifying signs of infection on a skin specimen. Care for this disease is usually effective and involves antibiotics.

The most common symptoms include fever, fatigue, skin rash, or other flu-like symptoms. Sometimes, people will develop a rash at the tick bite site within two weeks of infection.

Infection with the bacterium can lead to long-term problems.

If you have a dog that was bitten by a tick, talk to your veterinarian about how to start treatment and learn of tick prevention measures that you should put in place.

Treatment for Lyme Disease in Dogs

One of the most effective forms of care for this disease in dogs is antibiotics.

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