Pet Dental

In the past, veterinarians did not really discuss a pet's dental needs outside of pulling their teeth when needed. It wasn't until recently that we have learned the importance of maintaining a pet's dental health. Pet dental care has become a standard part of a pet's healthcare routine. At White Marsh Animal Hospital in White Marsh, MD, we provide quality dental care for the pet community.


Pet Dental Exams Are More than Brushing

A pet's mouth is the perfect place for bacteria to grow and thrive, especially if he is not getting his teeth brushed regularly or having tartar removed by a veterinarian. By examining your pet every twelve months, we can check for problems before they become dangerous. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity for us to help with proper oral hygiene and advise you on the best diet for your animal based on its needs.

The pet dental exam includes a visual inspection by Dr. Brennan or Dr. Danna to spot rotting or broken teeth. Bloodwork is done to make sure your pet is healthy enough for the anesthesia. Your pet is then safely given medicine to help him fully relax to become unconscious for the procedure. An x-ray may be performed to inspect the jawbone and other things in your pet's mouth.

The veterinarian is looking for unusual growths or deterioration. We will remove the tartar from your pet's teeth using an ultrasonic device that provides gentle vibrations at high rates of speed. If any teeth need to be removed for the pet's health, our vet will do so at this time.

Caring for Your Pet after the Treatment

We pride ourselves on causing the least amount of stress for your pet as possible. Once the pet dental visit is complete, you will be sent home with a set of instructions for caring for your pet, especially if teeth were removed. If no teeth were removed, in most cases, you will let your pet sleep off the rest of the medication, and he will be back to his regular self in no time. If teeth were removed, you will be provided with medication that needs to be given regularly. You may also need to monitor your pet until the stitches have either been absorbed by the pet's gums or until our veterinarian can remove them during the follow-up visit.

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